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Irrigation systems

Irrigation systems provide an efficient and easy way to water plants and lawns, so the garden looks after itself. The systems are computer controlled so can be programmed to operate during the night minimising water loss through evaporation and reducing the disturbance to those enjoying the garden. Our experienced teams will monitor the systems to deliver the optimum amount of water, avoiding the wastage associated with conventional watering. You can also rest assured that your garden will be well cared for while you are away.


It is great when an irrigation system is designed & installed with the landscape.  Different plants have different water requirements which effects placement, type and size of sprinkler heads.  We know plant material and irrigation needs.

Are you hesitant to add an irrigation system due to lawn damage and the mess associated with ripping up your sod?  We use a sod cutter to remove the sod where the trenches are to be cut.  After the irrigation system is in place, we replace the sod. The result is a neat and undisturbed appearance.  This is the kind of detail that sets us apart.

Once your irrigation is in place we are there for service, troubleshooting, spring start-up and winterizing. We are your full service irrigation specialist. We proudly serve to Birmingham Alabama.

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