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Dirtworks and Bobcat service offers huge range of Landscape supply for wholesale prices. We carry a wide range of quality products, from general material to professional grade landscaping products, we are sure that there will be something for every budget and taste. We deliver to your door step in Birmingham Alabama.

We provide only the finest quality of landscape materials and landscape supplies. You won't find a better selection, more knowledgeable supplier or higher quality landscape materials and supplies anywhere in the great Birmingham area, Alabama.

When you invest in landsca supplies, you want the best products for the best prices available. At Dirtworks and Bobcat Service, we offer topsoils, sands, mulch, pine mulch, gravel, stone, and more landscaping materials for all your landscaping needs.

#57 Gravel

This is limestone gravel measuring 1-1 ½ ". This product is typically used for French drains, drainage solutions and driveways.

Red rock gravel

This is a red decorative rock measuring 1 ½ -3" used for driveways, sidewalks, flowerbeds and walk paths.

Oversize pea gravel

This is limestone gravel measuring 1-1 ½ ". This product is typically used for French drains, drainage solutions and driveways.

Pea gravel

This is around 1" size smooth gravel which is used for walk paths, playgrounds or other landscape project.

#8910 Gravel

It is also known as fines. This product can be used for driveways or as a base under pavers or flagstone.


This can be used for masonry jobs, playgrounds, paver projects or leveling of yards.

Pine mulch

Shreded pine mulch is used for plant beds, natural areas and playgrounds.

Soil conditioner

This product is typically mixed in with topsoil to help amend soil. It can also be used around delicate plants as a ground cover.

Flag stone

It is a natural flat stone available in different thickness used for patios, sidewalks, pool decks or stepping stones.

Retaining wall block

Retaining wall blocks are used for retaining or dividing sloped areas. This product comes in different colors to match your landscaping needs. This is an engineered block system that is limitless for design and heights.

Stack stone

Stack stone rock is available in different colors, thickness and size. It can be used as a border or small retaining walls.

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Our customers say

Joanna M Reiter

Used them three times: They did land clearing in my woods, they fixed my flooding problem with my front yard and also delivered screen top soil. Always happy with their work.
Recommend to anyone!

Alice Hvidsten

So happy to report that when we used the landscaping service for several years before our move to FL, we had such an excellent experience.

Jan Bartos

Have used for 6 years already.
Fair prices, quality work.
I highly recommend
this company!


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