Landscape design Birmingham Alabama

A good design will take into account the plant material, "theme" or appearance, scale and the owner's expectations. 

If you are starting with a blank canvas, a master plan might be what you need.  A master plan allows you to add in segments without the yard looking piece-mill.  It is also a good way of installing a landscape on a limited budget.

Small projects may consist of only a sketch.  Photos of plants and landscape designs will help us understand what appeals to you.

We will listen to you and work with you to achieve the Landscape Design of your dreams.

Landscape Installation

There is more to do Landscape Installation than just digging a hole.  Soil preparation is important to give the new landscape a healthy start.  If your soil needs amending we have the equipment and means to add from a wheel barrow to a dump truck of top soil.

We use healthy and vigorous plant material.  We give them the best start possible at the proper depth and with a jump start of nutrition. Trust us with your Landscape Installation.

Landscape Renovation

Tired of your yard?  Landscape renovations do not have to be drastic. With a few key changes – added color through perennials & annuals and a new focal point, your yard will have a fresh appearance.  Some times all it takes is a professional eye to see the possibilities.

Annual Plantings

The spring and fall plantings of annual flowers adds year around enjoyment to the landscape. The key in central Alabama is timing. We need to get the annuals planted early enough to be established before the coming heat or cold but late enough in the season to not be damaged by the present cold or heat.  The healthy & suitable plants with the right spacing plus nutrients and your flowers will be the envy of the neighborhood.

We are experienced with turf, plants and various landscape materials.  We have the equipment & people to tackle the large projects and the care needed for a small project.

We proudly serve Birmingham Alabama.


Call Heath (205) 620-1818 and we will work with you to give you the great landscape you envisioned.

Our customers say

Joanna M Reiter

Used them three times: They did land clearing in my woods, they fixed my flooding problem with my front yard and also delivered screen top soil. Always happy with their work.
Recommend to anyone!

Alice Hvidsten

So happy to report that when we used the landscaping service for several years before our move to FL, we had such an excellent experience.

Jan Bartos

Have used for 6 years already.
Fair prices, quality work.
I highly recommend
this company!


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