A retaining wall construction at Lay Lake, Alabama

on Friday, 27 February 2015. Posted in Calera

Retaining wall installation

We removed 5 large trees to prepare the back yard for a new retaining wall.

We excavated dirt from a lake wall to the new retaining wall and hauled off the excess dirt from the property.

We installed 185' long and 4' tall retaining wall with one set of stairs in the middle of the wall.

The retaining wall was back-filled with #57 crushed stone. We also installed a 4" drain on the inside-bottom of the wall.

Irriggation system installed

Dirtworks replaced parts of the old irrigation system in the back yard to water the new sod. The new irrigation system consists of a new electronic timer and electronic valves. The system uses an existing pump and it is connected to an existing sprinkler system in the front and side yards.

Sod installation

Dirtworks installed Z-52 Zoysia sod over graded area.

Walk path installation

The large rock stepping stones were installed from the new stairs to the pier.

Additional height for the retaining wall

Customer wanted to increase height of the newly built wall, Dirtwork built extra 2' tall and 90' long to the new wall with the 2 column on each side of the new addition. 90' of the retaining wall in the middle is 6' tall and has two columns.

Additional landscape work

Dirtworks installed pine straw, repair damaged areas of driveway.


Take a look at the beautiful retaining wall pictures

Take a look at the construction pictures



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