A retaining wall installation in Alabaster, Al

on Tuesday, 18 November 2014. Posted in Alabaster

A customer in Alabaster, Al contacted us to replace her current retaining wall. The existing 8" cinder block wall was cracked andit was just a matter of time before it fell over.

Dirtworks removed the existing wall and excavated an additional 12 feet back per the customer's request. We removed 80 yards of dirt to prepare for the new wall installation. Dirtworks built the wall out of geostone and then backfilled the wall with 45 tons of #57 gravel. We also installed a 4" drain on the inside-bottom of the wall. 


Retaing wall size

Bottom wall is approximately 85' long by 8' tall, top wall measures approximately 50' long by 4' tall.

Stair Installation

Dirtworks installed GeoStone stairs through both new walls.

Sod Installation

Installed Z-52 Zoysia over prepared area above both walls.

Irrigation System Installation

Dirtworks installed a 4 zone irrigation system with an electronic timer and electronic valves. The irrigation system waters grass on the top and bottom sides of the new wall and also waters new plants which will be installed later. The irrigation system is covered by 1 year warranty from the date of installation.



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